About Us

Maid cleaning countertop

Kate’s Cleaning was founded in 2002 with a primary focus on cleaning local Chicago businesses and commercial spaces. The high demand for residential cleaning services led us to expand into this market after just a few years. Downtown Chicago was the perfect place!

Our business operates on a model that accommodates the lifestyles of our diverse and busy customers. Some of them are stay at home moms, some are store owners, students, government workers, attorneys, doctors, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Our young, energetic, English speaking, and always smiling staff gets in and out in a timely manner while still performing an astonishingly good job. We don’t charge hourly for cleaning services, but rather per job completed. You can rest assured that you’ll always be left with a clean space.

Do you have pets at your home or office? Our pet-friendly team loves animals! Don’t worry, your pets are safe around us. Some of our client’s pets just can’t wait for us to show up.

At Kate’s Cleaning, we always stand by our work and invite you to book our services today. You won’t be disappointed!