3 Common Bathroom Cleaning Blunders

Cleaning your bathroom is never a fun task, but it’s totally necessary. To get the job done right the first time, make sure to avoid these common oversights:

1. Not Cleaning Your Toilet Brush

After you take the time to clean all of the bacteria from your toilet, a lot of it is still left on the toilet brush.Placing the brush right back in the holder creates a dark, damp place for that bacteria to multiply. Instead, spray your toilet cleaner with an antiseptic spray and let it dry before storing it away.

2. Leaving Your Shower Curtain Liner To Mildew

Your shower curtain liner gets wet on a daily basis, so it can begin to build up a filmy scum residue, along with possible mildew. Throwing the liner in the washing machine on a regular basis can help avoid mold and bacteria build-up.

3. Overlooking The Details

Human hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the body, so focusing on areas where hands commonly touch will help make sure that your bathroom is germ free. The faucet handles, light switch and doorknobs are all hands-on items that need a thorough scrub regularly.

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