3 Places Germs Are Hiding In Your Home

Keeping a sparkling clean home is next to impossible with long work and social hours these days. To help give you a heads up on where to pay special attention the next time you clean your home, read below to find out a few of the dirtiest places hiding in pain site throughout your abode.

1. The Remote Control

Your television remote control is passed from person to person and picks up a lot of germs in the process. Any item in your house that a lot of people handle is going to have more dirt, germs and bacteria than less central items. Focus on light switches, doorknobs and especially the refrigerator door handle, as it can have bacteria from food that can be harmful.

2. The Kitchen Sink

While you run water through your kitchen sink all the time, it’s rare that the kitchen sink gets the same level of cleaning as your toilet, making for a startling and cringe-worthy comparison. Leftover food particles and germs can accumulate to cause bacteria, so make sure to give your kitchen sink a good cleaning regularly.

3. The Bathtub

Lurking behind shampoo bottles, in tile cracks and beneath mildew-ridden shower liners are a lot of germs. Making sure to disinfect bathtubs and showers will ensure that fungi, mildew and germs stay away to help you stay healthy.

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