3 Tips To Make Speed-Cleaning Easier

OK, so cleaning the house isn’t exactly the first thing on your want-to-do list. But it is probably at the top of your have-to-do list. So, just get it over with, and follow these tips to help get your home in tip-top shape quickly:

1. Carry A Tool Tote

By keeping everything you use to clean in one caddy, tote or bucket you will save time by not repeatedly gathering necessary cleaning items. That way, you can just carry all of your supplies from room to room.

2. Get Rid Of You Broom

Switching from a broom to a vacuum every time you enter a different room is not only time-consuming; it’s annoying. Just use your vacuum on all of the floors in your house. It’s quicker and will clean better.

3. Invest In An Extension Cord

Don’t just switch out the broom for the vacuum, but invest in the vacuum. Buy an extension cord so you can reach farther without having to unplug your vacuum and plug it back in elsewhere.

These tips are great, but if you really want to clean your house faster you should call us at 773-875-7293 now! We bring our own equipment and supplies every visit.

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