4 Dustiest Places in Your Home

Even if you clean your home often and maintain a tidy upkeep, you may be missing some key areas where dust collects. Dust hides in places that aren’t usually visible to the human eye. Having excessive dust in your home can cause health problems and allergies so it’s best to eliminate it as best as possible. Here are some places that dust usually lurks around the house:

Tops of Cabinets and Kitchen Shelves

The tops of your bookcases and kitchen cabinets get notoriously dusty. Because you can’t see it, you probably forget to dust up there all the time. The same is likely true of any standing wardrobes and bathroom cabinets. If you can’t reach or don’t have the time to dedicate to a deep cleaning, you can always hire a cleaning service to do the dirty work for you.

Under Big, Unmoved Objects

Your couch, bed, and refrigerator stay in the same places for years. You rarely, if ever, move them, and that creates a fabulous environment for dust bunnies to hang out. You don’t need to move these heavy things often, but you shouldn’t neglect cleaning beneath and behind them for months or years at a time.

Beneath Your Area Rugs

So you vacuum the area rugs and sweep the floors around them. Do you actually move the rugs themselves? Dust and debris easily get trapped beneath these rugs, especially if they have non-stick pads underneath them. Try to move those rugs and clean the floors beneath them when you do the vacuuming at least once a month.

Your Ceiling Fan Blades

Your ceiling fan runs a lot, so surely dust doesn’t collect on it. Right? In fact, dust collects all over the tops of your ceiling fan blades, even if you let it run all the time. Get a duster with an extendable arm and slide it over your unmoving ceiling fan blades. The truth will be undeniable.

With all the free time in the world, you could clean these hard-to-remember spots often. But you’re busy, which is why a professional cleaner can help you remove this unwanted dust from these corners of your home. Kate’s Cleaning offers cleaning solutions for Chicago area apartments and businesses, so let someone else get rid of that dust for you.

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