5 Things Cleaning Services Don’t Want You To Know

So you feel that you can’t handle tackling on the dirt creeping underneath your rug and the perpetual sticky floors in your kitchen, and let’s not forget the toothpaste stains on the bathroom mirrors, and think you need to find a Chicago cleaning service to help out in these tasks? Finding a cleaning service is not as easy as you might have thought. Leaving your precious home and valuables within the care of a stranger can leave you with a pit in your stomach while away at work. Here are a few things to look out for when hiring a cleaning service.

5. The Cleaning Service Only Moves Dirt Around From One Place To Another

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Using a sponge or a cloth to clean a shower and toilet may seem innocent, but when that same cloth or sponge is used in a client’s kitchen sink and counter top is when the health department should get involved! When you’re away from home, nothing is stopping your cleaning service from “double dipping” from one area of the home to another. Often an effort to cut costs plays an important role in equipping the cleaning crew with limited supplies. Not only do such atrocities happen in cleaning services all over Chicago, but many of them use the same clothes and sponges for all of their clients for the day.
When choosing a cleaning service, make sure your cleaning service uses color coding of their cleaning cloths and sponges for different areas of your home and make sure to ask how they keep dirty rags from clean ones. Only then you can be sure bacteria from the bathroom is not transferred on the to kitchen table where you and your family enjoys their daily meals.

4. Is Your Cleaning Service Charging A Fair Price?

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Probably not. Many cleaning services offer special introductory prices and throw marketing slogans at their clients that include the words “free” or include some excessively large discounts. Let’s be frank, an initial low price will draw the customer in, but the second or third cleaning will make up for what you haven’t paid for in your first cleaning. Then you have to ask yourself, is it really that good of a deal? Beware, most cleaning services charge per hour, them slacking off only results in the costs being passed on to the customer. Many times, clients start off with a low introductory price, but when the second bill comes around, they might be shocked by the astronomically high bill.
Look for cleaning services with stable pricing models that will let you know exactly how much you pay before they send the crew out. Be aware how much each additional option costs, and don’t let yourself become a victim of a bait and switch.

3. Different Week, Different Maid

Not only are you probably letting someone into your home who you probably never met before, what if a different maid visited your home each week? They don’t know your home as well as someone who will be there week after week and will not know what special attention your home deserves. Cleaning services tend to send a maid who is available at a given time, working around the cleaning service’s schedule, not yours. Also, be aware of services who subcontract their work out to other companies. Make sure your maid is an employee of the company that you’re hiring and that someone can be responsible for their work.

2. Super Glue Won’t Fix Your Tiffany Lamp

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It happens, a bit of carelessness can lead to broken ornaments and expensive light fixtures. Your maid will be picking up your ornaments and dusting the pictures on your shelves, it is only natural to expect that something might go wrong. If your cleaning service is not bonded & insured you might be picking up the tab on a repair, if not you will have to settle for super glue. A business that is both bonded & insured will pay for the damages or replace your broken valuables regardless the situation. Don’t settle for a cleaning service that is not willing to provide records of their bond and insurance. You never know what will go wrong, protect yourself.

1. Too Big To Function

Chicago Cleaning Services are overrun with large firms who concentrate more on the number of homes complete than to the quality of their job. This could hurt you in the long run because the business does not look at you as an individual but as ‘just another client’ who can easily be replaced. This lends to other problems, like not receiving the same cleaning crew every time, and not having a cleaning service stand behind their mistakes. When a cleaning service guarantees their work, make sure they can correct the mistakes. Sometimes hiring a smaller company will lead to better customer service and most important, a personalized cleaning experience every time.