5 Foods You Can Use to Clean Your Home

When people think about cleaning products, bottled products that are usually under the sink comes to mind, but what if there were items in your refrigerator and pantry that could complete the exact job as a healthier and cos effective manner. Here are a few around the kitchen items that can be a bit help in keeping your home clean:

Lemon – With its various antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, lemon can easily remove stains formed by tea, mustard, coffee, and even grass.

Onion – Barbecue grills can harbor mounds of caked-on grease and grim if not cleaned frequently. Turn the grill’s heat on maximum and with a long fork stab an onion, with the side down rub along the grill and watch the grease and grime vanish.

Vinegar – Need a disinfectant for your counter tops and bathroom surfaces? Mix vinegar with a little lemon juice and this will be a great weapon to add to your arsenal, as long as you keep it away from stone.

Cucumber – Stainless Steel appliance are magnets for fingers prints and stains. Using slices of cucumbers will maintain the flawless shine of your stainless steel products.

Mayonnaise – If your furniture has water rings present, a spoon of mayo may be the trick up your sleeves you need. Place a spoon of mayo on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes, then take a slightly damp cloth and rub the mayo in gently. Give it some time to settle then wipe the excess mayo away and follow up with a soft buffing cloth.

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