Let a Chicago House Cleaning Service Help You Prepare for Your Big Event

aaPreparing for a big event is stressful enough without worrying about whether anyone will notice your streaky windows. Don’t add to the stress of your party or event planning by trying to make time to get a major housecleaning done at the same time.

Chicago cleaning services like Kate’s Cleaning Services are available to do all kinds of cleaning. While our most common clients are monthly, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning visits, we also do seasonal cleaning and apartment move-in or move-out cleaning. For special event cleaning, we’ll step in and do the event prep on the day of the party and come back the next day to clean up after the event, if that’s what you choose. Looking for a stress-free – or at least, a stress-reduced – party day? Here are some of the services you can expect from our Chicago house cleaning service when you schedule us to do the cleaning and preparation for a special event at your home.

Cleaning to Your Highest Standards

Before the party, engage our Chicago house cleaning service to do a thorough one-time cleaning to get your place spic-and-span clean. You can relax and handle the other logistics when you know that your guests will be using a spotless bathroom and no one will ever know that there was an inch of dust on top of your refrigerator just yesterday. With a service like Kate’s Cleaning, you can specify particular tasks, like cleaning the oven and refrigerator, so that everyone who pops into your kitchen to help with preparations walks out believing you’re the best housekeeper in the world. Chances are you can probably even arrange to have us set up seating or put up party streamers while you’re out keeping the guest of honor entertained and out of the way for a surprise party.

After-Party Cleanup

Don’t stress about waking up to a house full of dirty dishes and setting things to right after your party or special event. You can also engage our Chicago house cleaning service to come in the next day and put your house back in order after the party.

Chicago house cleaning services like Kate’s are available to do one-time cleaning to prepare your home for special events like weddings and big parties. Why add to your stress level when you can just place a call to one of the best Chicago cleaning services and check one more thing off your to-do list?

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