A Cleaning Service Can Make Any Living Space Healthier And Happier

Maintaining a clean house is important not just because it looks better. A dirty, cluttered house presents numerous health hazards for residents, and this is particularly true in regard to the carpet. A dirty carpet contributes to some very specific health hazards.

Thorough House Cleaning In Chicago

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, energy or ability to clean a cluttered house. Kate’s Cleaning Service can help by providing a thorough house cleaning service to transform any living space into a clean, healthy and more livable space. In Chicago, Call Us At 773-875-7293 Today!

Carpets are often dirtier than they look. By the time they start to look discolored, they are often incredibly filthy. They are also quite a challenge to clean and often require special equipment to really get down deep to remove stains.

A Clean Carpet Is A Healthy Carpet

However, there are specific health hazards that are associated with dirty carpets, so it is worth the expense to hire someone to get them really clean. Here are a few of those health hazards.

1) Asthma

Evidence suggests that a damp and dirty carpet can increase the risk of developing asthma in people who are constantly exposed. Microbial growth and organic compounds flourish in dirty carpets, all of which can contribute to asthma, especially in those who are already genetically predisposed to it.

2) Athlete’s foot

A dirty carpet is full of an incredible amount of tiny organisms, including bacteria, parasites and dust mites. Walking around on a dirty carpet in bare feet can even cause athlete’s foot, which enters the body through tiny cuts on the sole of the foot. Athlete’s foot is communicable, which means if one person in the household has it, they can pass it along to others through any floor space their feet have been.

3) Mold

Mold growth in the home has been attributed to numerous respiratory problems. It can grow in areas where it is not easily spotted. One of those places is underneath a dirty carpet, where it might grow for years before it is ever detected.

Dampness, as from spills or leaks, and darkness, like you find under carpets and behind walls, create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Over time, it can do tremendous damage to a home and to the health of the inhabitants.

These are just a few of the health hazards that are possible from having an unclean carpet. It pays in the long run to keep the carpet, as well as the rest of the house, thoroughly clean, and it contributes to the overall happiness of the home’s inhabitants by creating a more comfortable space.

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