Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the thought of having a clean kitchen might have you a little stressed out. Here at Kate’s Cleaning, we believe that maintaining a clean area as you go is your best bet. Preparing for your Thanksgiving meal is also crucial. Be mindful of what dinnerware you will be using and how it needs to be cleaned. If it needs to be washed by hand, do you have enough sponges? You also want to make sure that when you start washing dishes and putting leftovers away, that you have the proper work space available. Cleaning up a mess in a mess will just create anxiety and a bigger mess! If you pick up what you can as the meal goes on, you won’t be overwhelmed with what is left at the end. Another great tip is to tackle the mess as soon as dinner is over and with some helpers! If you sit down to mingle it’ll be more likely that you’ll continue to put off cleaning and it will pile up even more. To learn more, read the full article at

At Kate’s Cleaning we are also available to help. We offer a general cleaning service at your request where we will tackle more than just your kitchen!

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