The Clear Choice for Home or Office Cleaning

aIf you’re a member of the workforce, chances are your life and schedule are hectic, busy, and don’t leave much time for cleaning beyond turning on the dishwasher. Maybe your job requires you to leave the area frequently. If this is the case, maybe you should hire a home cleaning service. When you hire a cleaning service with experience and a great reputation, not only will your dust bunnies vanish, but your personal belongings will be safe as well. At Kate’s Cleaning Service, we offer professional cleaning at attractive rates, and we charge by the job rather than by the hour.

Some Companies Charge by the Hour!

While some cleaning companies charge by the hour, hiring a company that is paid by the job is always a smarter idea. When hiring by the hour, some service employees may waste your time in order to bulk up their paycheck. Hiring by the job means that no matter how long it takes, you pay what the job was worth. Some companies may also make you pay for the supplies used by their employees, but with a trusted home cleaning service, your cleaning professionals bring the exact supplies they need to do the work.

What if I Need my Office Cleaned?

Office cleaning is also a great way to keep your space in place. House cleaners in the Chicago area are often available not only for home but for offices as well. Computer desks need to be dusted frequently, and often aren’t, which can lead to problems with your computer overheating and shutting down. Using a reputable, reliable cleaning service will help alleviate the headaches that come with a messy, dusty office.

What Are My Best Professional Cleaning Options?

Hiring a cleaning service in the Chicago area can be nerve-wracking. Hiring a housekeeper through a professional cleaning service is the best way to make sure you get the exact services you require. These professionals will not overcharge you, and will make sure that your beloved pets and valuables are secure when they clean. At Kate’s Cleaning Service, we’re committed to making your home or office sparkle.

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