The Cost of a New Home Cleaning Service

Are you considering hiring a home cleaning service, but are not sure if the cost can be justified? It makes sense to figure out the factors that play a role in determining the final cost. Here are the top factors to be aware of:

  • Area you live in: a more expensive neighborhood will typically attract higher rates and vice-versa. Consider where the service is located because that can impact their prices. Also, if you are outside of their immediate area then an additional service charge might be imposed.
  • Size: the size of your home will dictate the amount of cleaning that’s required and effect the price. Some services might charge per square footage or the specific tasks that need to be performed. Before hiring the service note down all the cleaning tasks that need to be performed.
  • Multiple bookings: if you order a bulk service where cleaning work is performed on a regular basis then you might make some savings. Services tend to charge you less the more work orders you book with them.
  • Buy your own supplies: you can save money by buying your own cleaning supplies instead of having the service bring their own. This is also practical because you’ll have plenty of cleaning supplies to use when you need to do a bit of cleaning on your own.

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