How to Create a Self-Cleaning Bathroom

Are you on a mission to decrease the difficulty of keeping your bathroom clean? Enjoying a clean bathroom is something we all want, but not everyone is ready to put the work in to keep it clean. Fortunately, with these tips you can keep your bathroom clean without much of an effort:

  • A self-cleaning toilet: this type of toilet has a function where a cleaning solution is released by the press of a button. There will be two different functions, which are a quick 1 minute clean or a 10 minute deep clean. This combined with jet sprays can remove the unpleasantness from a toilet in an effective manner.
  • Smart showers: we all know about the smart showers that can reduce the amount of water that’s used per session, and the water is heated up in a more efficient manner. However, the material that you select to design your showers determines how much cleaning will need to be done. Mild-dew resistant coatings and dark tiles/grout will reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do.
  • No touch faucets: some faucets can be controlled without actually having to touch them. This hands-free approach means you will not pass on germs and dirt onto the faucets that need to be cleaned at a later date.

Still not interested in cleaning the bathroom? Then just leave it to us!

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