Use Daylight Savings Time as a Reminder for Biannual Cleans

On Sunday October 2nd, Daylight Savings Time ends. Not only are we excited to be gaining an extra hour of sleep this weekend, but we think Daylight Savings Time is an excellent reminder of when your home should receive a deep clean.  After all, it’s easy to lose track of time and procrastinate cleaning but it’s a little more difficult to be oblivious of when the time falls back or springs forward!

We know our customers lead a very busy life, dislike cleaning, or both! In a new national survey, the three most common chores that are constantly dismissed by 70% of Americans are rotating cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning vents, and vacuuming and flipping mattresses. Our general services will tackle all these tasks for you and more.  It’s crucial to keep your home clean, especially during the colder months, to ensure you are not constantly breathing allergens. If you are interested in recurring cleaning service or just in a biannual clean, Kate’s Cleaning can work around your busy schedule to get your home as clean as possible!

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