Deep Cleaning Before Holiday Guests Arrive

The holiday season is filled with festivities, both exciting and stressful. If you’re looking ahead to a busy time filled with special dinners and overnight guests, you can use these tips to deep clean quickly so you have a fresh, clean space that’s ready for everything ahead.

Tackle Overlooked Laundry

Sheets, towels, and clothing aren’t the only items you should launder regularly. Before guests come, take a moment to tackle things that are often overlooked, such as throw pillows, duvet covers, and curtains. If your washer and dryer aren’t up to larger items like quilts and comforters, make a trip to the dry cleaner for special service. Laundering these items around your home isn’t terribly time-consuming, but it will get rid of a lot of dust, dander, and dirt that’s been hiding in your home.

Scrub the Walls

If you have children or pets, you can often make a space look newer by scrubbing stains off the walls. Kneel down to your child’s level and look for fingerprints, scuff marks, and other stains. Tackle these with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for a fresh look that will make it seem like you’ve just repainted without the work or expense that would be involved with the full job.

Spruce Up Top to Bottom

Sweeping and mopping the floor is a weekly norm for most, but many areas are often neglected. Vacuuming under the couch and cleaning underneath the rugs seems unnecessary when no one sees the areas, but dust accumulation and dirt can get into the air and drift into plain sight very easily if there is a lot of movement during a party or dinner gathering.

Leave the Minutia to a Pro

Going through your home and cleaning it from top to bottom is a time-consuming task. The holiday season has enough stressors without adding dusting and mopping to the list. Hire a professional to take care of these regular jobs and you can have days’ worth of work finished in just an afternoon. When your schedule is packed, known how to outsource well so you can enjoy all the perks without the time investment.

If you need a helping hand to tackle the holiday deep cleaning with you, contact Kate’s Cleaning Service. You’ll have experienced pros at your side in no time to get your home or apartment fresh, polished, and ready for the festivities.

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