Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts

Are you loading your dishwasher for optimal use? Loading a dishwasher is not rocket science; however there are some methods to follow and keep in mind loading it in its most advantageous manner.


Make a game plan:

Form a loading strategy with the items that require loading. Put the big pieces in first then fill it with smaller ones.

Organize utensils:

Sorting by type will definitely be a time saver when it comes time to unload. Have the utensils face up to avoid getting poked or punctured when you take them out. Alternatively for spoons, insert some facing down and some up so they can get clean.

Run the dishwasher at night:

Night is a less demanding time and many utility companies may charge more at peak usage times; running it at night can potentially lower your bill.


Unload from top to bottom:

A piece on the upper rack may have a pool of water so if you unload the top first the water can spill onto the dry dishes below. Instead, unload from bottom to top.

Rinse Plates:

Scraping them is better! Pre-rinsing wastes water and is not necessary if you run the machine within the same day of loading. Today’s machines are capable of handling food residue. One exception is rice; this may be worth rinsing off each grain because rice can clog the drain hose.

Face plates all in the same direction:

Place plates on the bottom rack facing inward toward the spray arms, with smaller plates in front of larger ones, so the spray can reach each individual one.

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