Three Easy and Effective Ways to Defog Your Bathroom Mirror

Caused by condensation, the fog that forms on your bathroom mirror after a bath or shower can take several minutes to clear up. No, you can’t wipe it away with a washcloth or towel, since the moisture in air will only make it reappear. But you can prevent fogging with this simple cleaning tip before the fact. Highly effective and inexpensive, it can easily be added to your weekly cleaning ritual.

What to do?

Squirt some dishwashing liquid into an empty plastic bottle and add water. Use a paper towel or a clean rag or cloth to clean the surface of the mirror, removing all streaks, water spots, and cloudy areas.  This weekly routine will help prevent condensation from forming on your looking glass.

Should you neglect or forget to clean your bathroom mirror beforehand, there is another method that has proven highly effective afterward. Using a hot air dryer will remove the condensation in no time. If possible, it is best to open the bathroom door to let the warm, moist air out.

A slightly less conventional, messier way to solve the problem is to use shaving cream.  Once again, this trick prevents the condensation from forming on the glass.

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