Genius Cleaning Tips from the Past

The technological world we live in has given us new ways to clean almost anything, but some of the best cleaning methods can actually be found when looking at the past. Here are some of the more useful cleaning tips that are still relevant today:

  • Lemon juice for pots and pans: Those of you with copper based pots and pans can take advantage of the natural ingredient lemon to have them cleaned. Squeeze some lemon juice onto salt and then use it to scrub away the stains with amazing efficiency.
  • Onions for picture frames: If you have any dated picture frames in the house that need some brightening up then onions are your best friend. Simply boil 3-4 onions for about an hour and use a soft brush to wipe away the stains from your picture frames.
  • Avoid sunlight for fabrics: Sunlight can actually “yellow” fabrics so when hanging bedsheets, a darker environment that is free of direct sunlight is ideal.
  • Salt: Salt is a cheap way of adding a bit of productivity to your clean up. Polished furniture, for instance, can have stains removed with ease when you rub a bit of salt on the stain beforehand. Also, if you wish to increase the longevity of flowers then add a teaspoon of salt to the water.

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