Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Business


A clean office is a productive office. When your workplace sparkles, it will make a positive impression on your clients and other visitors. Employees are also less likely to get sick in a clean office environment, so they’ll work more effectively and take less leave. Use the following strategies to hire a cleaning service you can trust.

Collect Quotes and References

Collecting quotes and references will help you compare cleaning services in your area. You should gather this information for at least three cleaning companies. Ask the providers to list the services their quotes cover. You should expect your cleaners to dust surfaces, mop and vacuum floors, and sanitize your work bathrooms. Regular deep carpet cleaning may be included in the quote or be listed as an optional extra.

You shouldn’t choose a provider based on price alone. References will indicate whether cleaners are reliable, effective, and pleasant to work with.

Ask About Experience

An experienced cleaning service is typically a good cleaning service. The company wouldn’t stay in business if it wasn’t doing something right. Over time, cleaners develop efficient and effective systems. This means an experienced cleaning service can often give you better value for your money, even if its rates are higher than less experienced firms.

Ask for Insurance Details

Your cleaning company should hold comprehensive insurance. The policy will protect your business against injuries and breakages that occur during the cleaning process. Ask for proof of insurance before you hire your cleaner.

Read Your Contract Carefully

Many professional cleaning firms will want you to sign a contract to formalize your arrangement. Read through the contract carefully, ideally with your business’s legal team. Look for clauses locking you in the service, even if you’re unhappy. Choose a company offering a trial period or a month-to-month contract.

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