Hiring Residential or Office Cleaners Can Be a Very Cost-Effective Move

If you’re looking for residential cleaning, cleaners will answer your ads with a variety of rates and stipulations. The same is true if you need someone to clean your business offices. But hiring a residential or business cleaning service doesn’t have to be baffling or complicated. Kate’s Cleaning Service cleans homes and businesses and charges by the job, whether you need a one-time or special occasion cleaning or regular service. It can be a cost-effective choice compared to DIY cleaning.

What Most Families Want Is More Free Time

Most families wish they had just a few more hours each week they could spend relaxing and enjoying their time together. One way to carve more of this precious free time out of your schedule is by hiring a home cleaning service. With residential cleaning, cleaners show up for a one-time cleaning, or regularly, depending on your needs. Special occasion cleaning is particularly useful if you’re hosting out-of-town guests. After all, you don’t want to spend the day cleaning before driving to the airport to pick up your visitors.

Occasional or Regular Cleaning Can Make Life Easier

Did your new college student move out and leave behind a mess? Maybe you should call a trusted cleaning service like Kate’s Cleaning Service to come take care of it. Do you have a hard time staying on top of house cleaning due to your and your kids’ busy schedules? Perhaps you should consider hiring us for a once-a-week cleaning. You will be amazed at how much stress goes away when you have a clean home and don’t have to arrive home from work to a messy, dusty house or apartment.

DIY Office Cleaning Gets Old Quickly

Small business owners have to watch costs carefully, and one way they may keep operational costs low is by doing their own office cleaning. This may work fine at first, but not having the supplies you need, or putting off cleaning due to a short deadline can let the dust and trash pile up quickly. Sure, hiring office cleaners is an investment, but it’s actually an investment in productivity since you’ll no longer have to worry about cleaning or bringing clients in to an office that’s musty and dirty.

Show Your Employees You Care About Their Well-Being

Small businesses sometimes feel like family, but you don’t want to take your best employees for granted. If your staff pitches in to keep the office clean, they’re not taking care of business tasks that can help your business succeed. At Kate’s Cleaning Service, our office cleaners are available for any size job, and are very flexible about scheduling. Show your workers that you care that they have a safe, clean environment in which to work. It can really make a positive difference in workplace morale.

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