What Do You Know About House Cleaning Services?

aSome people still live with the misconception that house cleaners only work for the rich and famous.  Luckily, that’s simply not true.  In fact, we at Kate’s Cleaning Service clean for many different types of clientele.  If you’ve never utilized professional house cleaning services before, here are a few reasons why you might consider it.

You Need Help with an Event

Maybe your son or daughter is holding their wedding in your backyard, or perhaps you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your home.  Maybe it’s not that complicated—you’re just holding a dinner party for your boss and his family.  Whatever the event, if you’re hosting one, you have a lot more to worry about than getting your house squeaky clean.  That’s where we come in.  Let our professionals worry about ridding the windows of streaks and making your floors shine so you can worry about the million other details.  And if you get tired just thinking about the after party clean up?  Don’t worry, we’ll handle that too.

You’re Moving

One of the worst things about moving that you have to clean two places—the one you’re moving from and the one you’re moving to.  The tasks typically involve cleaning the windows, removing all trash, making sure the appliances are spic and span and doing a thorough floor to ceiling deep clean.  That’s a lot of work when you consider everything else that you’ll have to do in relation to the move.  Why not let us do one or both of these cleanings for you and concentrate on the other logistics of the move?

Regular House Cleaning Services

Of course, regular house cleaning services is something we do a lot of at Kate’s Cleaning Service.  We can do a one-time clean, or put you on a schedule that works for your lifestyle.  Some of our clients are on bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly schedules, and most are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is.

People are pressed for time these, and in most families, something has to give.  Rather than giving up family time or other activities you enjoy, think about letting us handle some of the more mundane tasks.  Our house cleaners will get the job done and let you concentrate on your life.

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