House Cleaning Tips From The Pros

What does it take keep your home neat and tidy? The obvious answer is regular cleaning. You must  dust, vacuum, and mop at least once a week. But to complete these necessary tasks, you must have the right household cleaners.

Finding the best products for each chore takes a bit of trial an error. The good news is that most cleaning supplies will do the job, but not all of them are inexpensive or environmentally friendly.  Let’s start in the dirtiest room in the home.

The Kitchen

You will need just about every cleaning product in your arsenal to get your kitchen spic and span. This includes oven, stone, floor, and glass cleaners, as well as dish detergent and silver or metal polish. You can cut out a few of these with an effective all-purpose cleaner than can be used on most surfaces.

The Laundry Room

Laundry detergent and fabric softener will keep your clothes comfortable and clean…But what about the actual room? In most cases, laundry rooms have counters that are made of Formica, or some other surface that is relatively safe and easy to clean. An all-purpose cleaner should be sufficient to help you wipe down the area in no time.

The Bathroom

An odd combination of decorative and utilitarian designs, the average bathroom can be a chore to clean. Sponges, wipes, scrubbers, gloves, and a good all-purpose cleaner should help you spruce of the space.

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