The Ideal Way to Clean a Kitchen Sink

The sink in your kitchen is the centerpiece of operations, which means it gets dirty frequently. Stains can appear when the sink is neglected regardless if the surface type is porcelain, stainless steel or solid resin. A heavy duty sponge is the simplest way of getting rid of those stains, or preventing them from forming in the first place.

Easy Sanitization

Sanitizing your sink does not need to take more than 5 minutes. Simply fill up your sink with a gallon of water and place a 1tbl of bleach inside. Use the mixture and sponge to clean faucets. 5 minutes later release the water and allow to air dry.

Getting Rid of the Scratches

Scratches on a stainless steel sink can be problematic since they house bacteria effectively. Therefore, use a stainless steel cleanser to combined with a normal sponge and put some elbow grease into the job. This should smooth away any scratches that inevitably arise over time.

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