The Importance of Apartment Cleaners: Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Renters always hope to get their security deposits back after they move out of an apartment or condo, but a landlord will use that money to clean up or repair any significant mess or damage left behind. However, in the midst of a move, it might be difficult to get the rental property in tip-top shape before leaving.

After living in an apartment for a long time, it sometimes is easy to overlook certain cleaning problems, such as stains or dust, or to forget about certain drawers or cupboards. It can help to have an outside perspective to see exactly what needs to be done.

Move-Out Cleaners

The best way to ensure a rental property is left in great shape is to use move-out cleaners. In Chicago, Kate’s Cleaning Service can make sure a rental property is left in excellent condition.

We are acquainted with the particular needs of the older condominiums in Chicago. To find out how we can help or to receive a quote, Call Us At 773-875-7293 Today!

3 Reasons Why A Landlord Might Keep The Security Deposit

1. Personal Belongings Left Behind

Sometimes, in a hurry, items get left behind. Maybe a few boxes are overlooked in the garage or some items are still scattered in a closet or the corner of a room. Maybe a drawer or closet or cupboard is unclean.

If a landlord needs to pick up left-behind possessions, you’ll probably lose some of the security deposit. Apartment cleaners will make sure every room is cleaned out so that doesn’t happen.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one major expense that usually comes out of the security deposit. Carpets get dirty over time, so the renter may not notice how bad it looks.

Stains, discolorations, dust and dirt, all of this will require deep cleaning. Professional apartment cleaners can take care of it, so the renter leaves the carpet in great shape.

3. Leaving Trash Behind

Even if it’s carefully bagged and set in a conspicuous location, landlords will not be happy if they need to take out the trash after their renters have moved out. The charge may increase if there’s trash strewn in closets, in the corners of rooms or behind furniture.

It’s important to remember that any cleaning that’s left for the landlord after the renters have moved out is going to be paid for with the security deposit. Therefore, it’s worth investing a little bit beforehand to let professional apartment cleaners come in and do the job right.

Quality Cleaning Services

Kate’s Cleaning Service will make sure that the apartment, condo or house is thoroughly cleaned. We offer a wide range of services, including regular upkeep. To find out how we can help your particular situation, Call Us At 773-875-7293 Today!

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