Kid-Friendly Cleaning Products

With kids crawling around, your home often seems much dirtier than you may have remembered. Before you start cleaning your house, consider the drawbacks of using products with chemicals around kids. Harsh household cleaners can cause asthma and allergy symptoms, runny noses, skin and eye irritations, and more. Fortunately, you can save money and keep your kids healthy by using natural cleaners that don’t have harmful synthetic chemicals. Learn why some of the most kid-friendly cleaning products are baking soda, lemon, and essential oils.

Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes odors in water and adsorbs odors from the air. Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge or cloth for a gentle cleaner for countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and ovens. You can also use baking soda as a carpet deodorizer and add a cup to every load of laundry for fresher smelling clothes. As a common ingredient in baked goods, baking soda is something many people already have in their kitchens.

Lemon Juice

Add lemon juice to your cleaners for a fresh smell. The extra citric acid can also help you remove dirt, tarnish, and other substances. Additionally, lemon juice is also much safer than using a cleaner or furniture polish with a synthetic citrus scent.

Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender, clove, or tea tree oil have antiseptic properties and pleasant scents. Use them in your kitchen and bathroom to kill mold and bacteria. Unlike cleaning agents such as triclosan, bleach, and many other disinfectants, natural essential oils don’t cause significant negative health effects when used. However, some people, including children, may be allergic to selected essential oils, so always test them before using them throughout your home.

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