Patio Cleaning Tips

The weather in Chicago is finally warming up and that means we can enjoy the sunshine on our patios once again. However, the dirt that might have built up over the winter will be no pleasant sight. So take this opportunity to clean it, and here are some top patio cleaning tips to help you do so:

  • Clear the patio: the first stage of the process is to simply clear the patio of any furniture, plant pots and other items. You might be tempted to simply wash around the objects on the patio, but this will not result in a thorough clean up.
  • Protect plants and flowers: use plastic covers and whatever else you might have to protect plants and flowers around the patio. Furthermore, give the surrounding area a coat of water to help soap wash away.
  • Use the broom: once all items have been removed you can sweep away the dirt. Take note that it’s best to sweep the patio when it is dry. Dirt and dust tends to stick to a wet surface, which makes it difficult to clean.
  • Use a hose: the next stage is to use a hose to blast off any remaining dirt that might linger. In effect you’ll be pressure washing the surface. Using a hose is better than an actual pressure washer because the latter might be too powerful for some surfaces causing damage.

Take these basic patio cleaning tips into consideration and in no time at all you’ll be able to enjoy your patio in the warm weather. With a thorough cleaning job you won’t have to worry about your patio being a mess for the rest of the warm weather season.

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