How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpets and Rugs

There’s one at every party—that absent-minded guest who puts his wine glass down a bit too close to the edge of the table. Then someone inevitably elbows it over and the host is left to deal with a wine stain the size of a dinner plate.  If they’re lucky, the absentminded guest was drinking white wine. But more often than not, red wine is the drink of choice for inattentive types.

After a few oohs and ahhs and a desperate scrambled to the laundry room to gather cleaning supplies, the battle with the dreaded red wine stain begins.  Most lose the encounter because they simply don’t know how to deal with this formidable foe. But did you know that one simple tip could save you hours of scrubbing.

All you have to do to neutralize a red wine spill is pour a glass of white wine over it before the stain sets. Then simply dab at the area with a clean dishtowel to remove it in less than five minutes.  It is a surprisingly simple remedy that works on both carpets, rugs, and even on clothes.  However, once the stain has set, it may be time to call in a professional cleaning crew.

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