The Secrets For Eliminating Pet Odors From Your Local Cleaning Service

If you’re a pet owner, you probably get much enjoyment from your cuddly friend. However, you also know another truth: Pets have accidents.

If you’ve ever had your pooch do his business on your brand new carpet, you can relate. If you’ve ever attempted to clean up the mess but have the smell linger, then keep reading.

First and foremost, contact your veterinarian to make sure your pet isn’t suffering from a medical condition to cause him or her to do their business where they’re not supposed to. Then, identify the trouble spots. After you identify the area that was soiled, you need to clean the area thoroughly. Finally, you need to train (or re-train) your pet to keep him or her from going to the bathroom in that area.

House Cleaners To Remove Odors

Of course, if you’re in Chicago, you can always contact us at 773-875-7293. At Kate’s Cleaning Service, we handle all your cleaning needs. Our professional cleaning service is pet-friendly. If you wish to try your hand at cleaning up the accident yourself, follow these simple steps:

Identifying: Let your eyes and nose be your guides to find the exact spot of the accident. A black light could be your best friend here. These can be found in most home supply stores. Black lights show recent and even old stains.

Cleaning: To clean items that are machine-washable, wash them as usual, but add baking soda along with regular detergent. If the smell or stain still exists after washing, wash the item again. This time, you may wish to add a stronger cleaner. Look for one at your favorite pet store.

If the stain is on carpet or furniture, use newspapers to soak up urine (if still wet). The quicker you can soak up the urine while it is still wet, the better.

Avoid using strong cleaning chemicals on your carpets. Instead, go with a milder cleaning solution, which is generally available at your pet supply store. It is very, very important that you remove all odors from the accident area. If your pet can still smell urine in this spot, he or she will be more likely to keep using it.

Retraining: The simplest method of retraining your pet is to make your pet’s bathroom area incredibly attractive, and make the place where he had the accident as unattractive (or even as unavailable) as possible. Be sure to use positive reinforcement to reward your pet when he uses the bathroom in the appropriate place.

Again, if you have no desire to remove the stain, or if you find that you need professional house cleaners, contact Kate’s Cleaning Service HERE. We have an impeccable track record and have helped countless people throughout Chicago. Call us today at 773-875-7293.

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