Get Your Security Deposit Back With Thorough, Professional Apartment Cleaning In Chicago

Moving can be a huge hassle. You might need to ask friends to help pack your belongings, clean out your closets or sweep behind furniture that hasn’t been moved in months or years. And that’s before the real back-breaking work of moving all of the furniture, boxes and possessions out of the apartment or house.

Finally, you’ll need to repair and clean everything to receive your security deposit. Of course, there is a much easier solution, and that is to hire someone else to do all of the apartment cleaning. Kate’s Cleaning Service in Chicago offers home, apartment and move-out cleaning, so we can do all of the hard work for you.

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Tips For Move-Out Cleaning In Chicago

The security deposit usually represents a sizable check, and it can be very helpful when you get into your new home. But if there is any damage or mess left behind, your landlord will use that money to do the work that you didn’t do, whether cleaning, repairs or appliance replacement.

To get your money back, you want to make sure that everything is left as clean and tidy as possible so the landlord has nothing to complain about. We have years of experience cleaning homes and apartments, and we can make every room sparkling clean.

Sometimes, preparing your apartment is not a simple process. It can take a lot of effort and time that you might not have. Here are some of the steps that we’ll take to make your home spotless:

First, it is important to remove all nails and adhesives used to hang objects from the walls. Once removed, the tiny holes need to be filled in and touched up with a bit of paint. There needs to be thorough dusting of all ceiling fans, light fixtures and shelves.

Walls and baseboards need to be cleaned, removing any ink or crayon marks, as well as any scuff marks. Floors need to be thoroughly vacuumed and stains removed with spot treatments or carpet shampooing.

Don’t forget to remove all items from medicine cabinets and drawers, cleaning any lingering residue. Hardwood floors or tiles need to be swept clean of dirt, pet hair and dust. Mildew and soap scum needs to be cleaned out of tubs and shower tiles.

All faucets and fixtures should be wiped down, and windows need to be cleaned completely. Toilet seats might need to be replaced, and all countertops must be cleaned and polished to shine.

All of this can help to ensure that you get your security deposit back. But why should you have to do all of this cleaning work yourself when we can do it for you?

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