Spring Cleaning Made Easy!

With springtime right around the corner, one thing comes to our minds: Spring Cleaning! Below you’ll find awesome tips on what you can do to tidy up your home and give it the deep cleaning it so much deserves for this upcoming spring!

Family Room:

-Remove all décor from shelves and dust thoroughly
-Dust and clean the glass on all hanging pictures and picture frames
-Dust all appliances, remove any you are no longer using and store away
-Remove all area rugs and shake out. Vacuum all carpets, make sure to move furniture so you can access under all the pieces
-Wipe down all baseboards
-Dust plants
-Dust ceiling fan blades


-Remove all items from cabinets and wipe down inside with warm water and vinegar. Allow cabinets to air out
-Wipe down the outside of cabinets to remove any grease or grime. Pay special attention to handles as this is where germs will mostly be
-Dust light fixtures
-Sweep and mop the floor, and if possible move large appliances such as refrigerators or stoves and mop the floor there as well
-Run the self cleaning option in the oven, or opt to clean it yourself
-Clean the microwave inside and out


-Dust all furniture pieces thoroughly
-Move bed and vacuum under it
-Wash pillows and comforter, replace sheets and pillowcases
-Dust ceiling fans
-Remove clothing from closet, and donate what you are no longer wearing. Remove any dust or debris from the closet as well
-Do the same with drawers
-Dust and clean all hanging photos and décor
-Deep clean or spot clean carpets as needed


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