Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

Want to do your bit this spring to clean up your home, but don’t have a lot of time to invest? Then learn the top spring cleaning shortcuts that can make the most of the time you have available. You’ll see that by working smart you can get just as much done. Here are 3 spring cleaning shortcuts you shouldn’t miss out on:

  1. Windows: do your window cleaning on an overcast and wind-free day. Your primary focus should be on the exterior of the windows where the majority of the dirt tends to buildup. Ignore the window detail as it takes a long time to clean. The only tools you need are a hose, outdoor multi-surface concentrated cleaner, plastic whisk broom, old sheet and microfiber cloths. It should only take you 15 minutes to complete the window cleaning job.
  2. Curtains: to remove foul odors from your curtains steam them. The tools you need are a step tool, handheld fabric steamer and fabric odor eliminator. With this method you do not need to take the curtains down. This saves time and hassle when cleaning them.
  3. Carpets and rugs: to minimize the amount of time it takes to clean carpets/rugs you have to focus on the areas that receive the majority of the foot traffic. This would be around door openings and the center of rooms. The tools you need are a hair dryer, concentrated cleaner and de-greaser, cotton cloths and a vacuum.

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