How to Store and Organize Summer Clothing

When you finally have to pack away the summer clothes, it’s never a great feeling. The great weather of the season passes, and it’s just a few weeks or months before the winter has you in its clutches. However, you can take a bit of solace in perfectly organizing and storing your summer clothing. It may sound like a weak consolation prize, but when you get those clothes back out in a few months, you’ll know right where your to find all your favorite garments.

Wash and Sort

Before you worry about organization and packing, it’s best to start with a wash. Take all your clothes and run them through the proper cycles until you’re finally done. Once everything’s clean, you can go through all your clothes and pull out the ones you don’t want. Not only do you get rid of shirts, dresses, or shorts you didn’t wear, but you can brighten up someone’s day by donating them or sell them to pocket a bit of extra cash.

Clean the Closet

Now that everything’s out of your way, it’s time to clean the closet¬†on your own, or by hiring Kate’s Cleaning Service to do the dirty work for you. This gives you a clean start to properly organize your winter clothing.

Storing Summer Clothes

There are many schools of thought when it comes to storing your summer clothes, and it usually concerns whether you should roll, fold, or dry your clothes. Rolling is an excellent method, as it takes up little space. Folded items may crease, so it’s a decent way to pack, but make sure to pack loosely to prevent this creasing. Hanging clothes takes up quite a bit of room, but if you have little floor space, it’s perfect.

Though you may have your own methods for packing your summer clothes, following this plan is foolproof. Now that you’re cleaning up your closet, be sure to call Kate’s Cleaning Service to do the rest. This frees up time to head out on the town, and when you get back, your place will be spotless.

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