Suggestions on Keeping Your Fridge Organized and Clean

Keeping your fridge organized and clean can be a nightmare if you have a big family, or have a small fridge with a limited amount of space. Fortunately, there are ways you can maintain order without much hassle:

  • Use plastic bags: organizing items in plastic bags has a number of practical advantages. For example, if you are defrosting meat then a plastic bag can prevent a leak. When there are items that require quick identification, labelling on a plastic bag can be the solution.
  • Clean the fridge once a week: it’s inevitable that dirt builds up inside the fridge, and cleaning it out once a week prevents the situation from getting out of control. Make sure to remove all food from the fridge whilst cleaning to prevent taking shortcuts.
  • Using the freezer: retrieving items from the freezer as quickly as possible is important. Therefore, ensure that food is separated and grouped according to the foods groups: veggies, meats, bread and desserts.
  • Heavier items at the bottom: to avoid damaging lighter items do not place them at the bottom of the rack. Place the heavier items first because they can withstand a bit of weight being placed on top of them.

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