Unexpected Things In Your Home That Need Cleaning:

When you think of cleaning your home you usually think of the basics: kitchen, floors, carpets, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Below are some things in your home that should definitely be cleaned, you have probably forgot about cleaning these things, and may have never cleaned them at all:

Keyboards & Mouse:

Keyboards can have up to 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Home Phones/CellPhones:

These devices are touching our faces and many other surfaces throughout the day, it’s no wonder they are full of bacteria and germs

Chopping Boards:

This kitchen item is known to house bacteria and germs, keep these clean especially before using them!


Did you know when you flush your toilet the germs can travel up to 6 feet and linger for up to 2 hours? Lots of these germs can end up on toothbrushes! Replace your toothbrush often, & remember to close the toilet lid when flushing.


After 10 years, mattresses will double in weight. Do you know why? Dust mites. Replace your mattress after 10 years, you’ll be glad you did!

Kitchen Sponges:

These sponges are known to be the dirtiest things in homes across the world, yet many people do not replace them as often as they should. Replace yours now!

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