Cleaning Tips

At Kate’s Cleaning, we can take care of all your cleaning needs by providing exceptional service throughout the Chicago area. We realize that there are times when you may need to clean your house or apartment in between scheduled visits. Below is a list of men


mon household items that can be used to clean effectively without the need for heavy chemical solutions.

  • Common household cleanersWhite Vinegar is very useful removing greasy buildups and odors and can be mixed with baking soda to form a very effective cleaning solution
  • Baking Soda is a common household item that is usually used for deodorizing but it is also an excellent scouring and cleaning agent.
  • Lemon is one of nature’s most effective cleaners as it kills a lot of bacteria commonly found in the home. It also leaves behind a fresh and natural scent.
  • Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol is an effective disinfectant can be used to clean contact points around the home.
  • Cornstarch can be used to clean windows and remove a variety of stains from carpet and fabric such as grease, blood, and ink.

Here are some effective tips for cleaning your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen:

We understand that everyone’s time is valuable. If you don’t have the time to give your house, apartment, or condo a proper cleaning, give us a call. We provide thorough cleaning services in Chicago for a fixed price.