Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Bedroom cleaningThe bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house but many people struggle to keep it clean. We provide cleaning services in Chicago that will help you rest easily at night with a spotless bedroom. Here are some tips that will allow you to maintain your bedroom in between cleaning visits.

  • Store clothes immediately before and after use to prevent any accumulation.
  • Wash your bed sheets every week if possible. If not, make sure to wash sheets every 2 weeks.
  • Dust furniture, electronics, and blinds weekly with a microfiber towel.
  • Vacuum after dusting to remove any dust that has settled to the floor.
  • Spread baking soda on a smelly mattress and let it set in for a couple of hours to absorb offensive odors.  Vacuum afterwards to remove baking soda.
  • Disinfect all door knobs, locks, light switches, dresser handles, telephones, remote controls, and other points of contact regularly to prevent germs.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your bedroom as we provide expert cleaning services to homes, apartments, and condos in the Chicago area. If you have been falling behind on your cleaning, give us a call and we will professionally clean your bedroom and all areas of your home.