Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is an area of the house where we spend a lot of time and it can be one of the most time consuming areas to clean properly. We provide quality cleaning services throughout the Chicago area and we can completely transform a mess into a spotless kitchen.

We know that there are times when you may want or need to straighten up the kitchen in between visits from our professional cleaning staff. Here is a list of effective cleaning tips that will help you save time if you need to quickly whip the kitchen into shape.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel is beautiful but attracts stains and water marks easily. To remove stains, dampen a soft cloth with white vinegar, rub the soiled area, and dry with a clean cloth. Olive oil can be used to shine.

Fridge cleaningThe Refrigerator

The fridge can be easily dirtied but it is also easy to prevent a mess and odors.

  • Clean up any spills as soon as they happen (don’t allow them to dry).
  • Routinely check for expired foods and discard anything that has spoiled.
  • Periodically clean the interior of the fridge with baking soda and hot water (after removing all contents).
  • Clean the doors and handles with mild soapy water.

Microwave cleaningThe Microwave

Cleaning the inside of the microwave is simpler than you thought. Wet a few paper towels and put them in the microwave on high for a few minutes. The steam generated from the paper towels will loosen baked on grease for easy removal.


Oven cleaning

The Oven

The oven is not so bad if it has a self clean feature or if it is cleaned regularly. If not, you may have to let the racks soak in soapy water for hours at a time. The inside can be cleaned letting a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water soak all over for a day. This will allow baked on food to be removed easily with light scrubbing.

The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have a tendency to smell bad over time. You can easily remedy this by freezing a water/vinegar mixture in an ice tray and then toss the cubes into the disposal to grind.

Clean dishwasherThe Dishwasher

The dishwasher is helpful in cleaning dishes but sometimes odors can build up and the dishwasher itself requires a cleaning. Add some white wine vinegar to the dishwasher and start a cycle on empty to remove odors. Also remember to periodically clean the rubber seals.




The task of cleaning a kitchen properly can be daunting especially if you are preparing to move in or move out of an apartment or condo. At Kate’s Cleaning, we take pride in offering thorough and professional cleaning services in Chicago. Give us a call and we can whip your kitchen into shape in no time.