Too often customers ask us, “how much do you charge per hour?” and are surprised with the response that we charge per job completed. There appears to be a misunderstanding of these pricing models, since many other cleaning companies in Chicago charge per hour.

Our Pricing Has Advantages

Simple, our customers know their prices before the cleaning crew even shows up. Estimates are given and the price you pay will be the price on your bill. At first, hearing a lump sum amount may seem too much compared to hearing an hourly rate. At Kate’s Cleaning Service, we send out a crew of two maids or more per visit. Other companies in the Chicago area do the same but bill per hour, per maid, at a low minimum of $20 per maid, and with a minimum time per maid. Twenty dollars might not sound like much but customers often forget to multiply this amount per maid and by the amount of hours the job takes. For a Chicago apartment of condo, these prices are often too high and disproportional to the amount of work and attention put in.

Other cleaning companies will sometimes leave a bill that is shocking![quote] Cleaning services that charge per hour have the incentive to “slow down” only to charge more for a job that could have been completed in half the time.[/quote]There is an obvious economic incentive for other companies to bill in this way and sometimes a companies inefficiencies are passed on to the customer. A trip downstairs and into a car can be quick, but in Chicago having to take an elevator downstairs and find the car parked a block away will indefinitely take time with the costs put on the customer.

[quote] A fixed price model lets the customer budget properly. With clear price sheets of our options, you will pay the same amount each visit and not varying every time.[/quote] With pricing per job completed, the customer does not burden these costs and does not reward a company for their inefficiencies. Any slip ups or mistakes will be corrected on the company’s own time and not the customers. For this reason, we do not publish our prices. We understand that each home is different, but the price we offer stays and there are no surprises. We compete with other Chicago cleaning companies in pricing but our service supersedes them in quality!

It can be confusing on who to trust to do the job right at a fair price. Don’t hesitate and give us a try. We guarantee that you will be satisfied!