Commercial & Office Cleaning


Professional cleaners get the job done, so you can do yours.

Kate’s Cleaning Service offers regular cleanings for many office buildings and other commercial properties in Chicago. Our professional cleaners have extensive experience working around office hours to get in and out without being seen by businesses or clients. When we visit an office, the only clues we leave are tidiness and spotlessness. We have helped businesses of all sizes maintain clean spaces, allowing employees to achieve greater productivity and innovation.

More than taking out the trash.

Our commercial cleaners address the unique needs of offices new and old, with dusting, polishing, and proper care of furniture, woodwork, and other architectural elements. We can handle any type of flooring, any number of bathrooms, and we’ll take care of the breakroom, too – even the microwave.

Minimize surprises with a consistent cleaning service.

We recognize the need for consistency, not only in the quality of cleaning, but in the way we treat the places we clean. With Kate’s Cleaning, our cleaners work hard to deliver the same results, every time, minimizing unexpected surprises that can lower productivity.

A cleaning company with respect.

Our experienced English-speaking staff will take care of commercial spaces as if they were their own, all the while respecting clients’ belongings and their privacy. When we enter your territory, we are only there to do what we do best: clean.

  • Office Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Restrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Watering Plants
  • Misc.


A clean space can help employees think more clearly and creatively, and can decrease the number of days lost to illness, increasing productivity. The staff at Kate’s Cleaning is committed to helping keep commercial client workspaces free of germs and irritants that can exacerbate employees’ allergies. We go the extra mile to keep the offices and commercial spaces clean and healthy places to work disinfecting surfaces, door handles, and other breeding grounds for germs.

A quality cleaning service in a chaotic world.

Kate’s Cleaning Service got its start cleaning businesses and commercial spaces in Chicago, so we have a great deal of experience working to keep these unique and varied spaces immaculate and beautiful. Our courteous staff can handle any type of office or other commercial space, working around your schedule with energy and efficiency. Other companies that charge by the hour can be unpredictable in billing and quality of service. When you book our services, you can know what to expect, with charges based on the job completed, not the time it took to complete them. At Kate’s Cleaning we have high standards, and we won’t leave until the job is done.


Everyones needs are different. One size does not fit all. Give us a call or contacts us to discuss what we can do for you.